REVIEW: Squid The Whale – Four More

Artist: Squid The Whale
Album: Four More EP
Genre: Rock & Soul
Label: Unsigned

Squid The Whale. What can possibly be said about the group that their music hasn’t already? You’d have to be living under a rock not to already know about vocalist Bradley Walden and his skilled gang of eccentric virtuoso rock and rollers. Squid The Whale is energetic, gritty and deep. Their unique blend of self-proclaimed “Rock & Soul” is quickly turning heads and snapping necks, which may be why they were selected as UTG’s #1 artist to watch in 2013.

The Detroit foursome’s latest EP, Four More, shows the band’s continued determination to become the best of the best. With four cleverly written songs that rise well above their prior works, Squid The Whale is proving to be a runaway freight train in today’s music scene, and they’re only just picking up steam.

Four More kicks off with “Bad Man”. It’s a groovy, exhilarating track that eases the listener in with a very bluesy, retro-inspired intro, showing off the diversity of Walden’s fine-tuned vocal flair. The song sets the EP in motion with intricate guitar riffs and one of the catchiest choruses of the year. Fans will dance, sing and likely replay the track immediately. That’s what I did, at least.

Following such an intense opener, “Drown Pt. II” immediately brings the EP to a shrieking halt. This piano-driven call-and-response ballad between Walden and guest vocalist Lisa Vitale is what some people may call dark and brooding. It shows off the versatility of the band as writers as well as performers. I can already picture a sea of Squid The Whale fans crying out these lyrics live as Walden and friends break every teenage girl’s heart.

“How Do I Show These Cowboys I’m Alive?” featuring Nic Newsham of Gatsby’s American Dream restores the EP back to it’s upbeat, thrilling nature. Bringing back some of that action-packed groove that guitarist Brandon Kubiac, drummer Jon Wagoner and bassist Daniel Jay seem to have mastered so well, this track does not disappoint. Newsham’s vocal contribution flows seamlessly over an intricate bridge leading right into Walden’s melodious chorus. A soulful lull in the song towards the end eventually explodes into the track’s exciting conclusion.

Closing out Four More, my favorite track “Warden Sings The Blues” brings a slow, drawling aura to the EP. This is the type of track that’s going to make listeners want to pour a glass of whiskey, light a cigar and repeat the song over and over again. I tried it and am delighted to note that I felt a calming state of euphoria overwhelm me. Staccato snare drum patterns combined with slow moving guitar riffs and the soothing sound of Walden’s voice provide tranquility in the rock and roll sense of the word… if there is one.

As far as I’m concerned, Four More by Squid The Whale is a small collection of some of the more riveting, versatile and thought-provoking tracks that have been released this year. I certainly look forward to hearing more from Squid The Whale later in the year. And who knows? Maybe the band will finally put together a full-length album, tour extensively and take the world by storm. Pick up Four More as well as other tracks at

SCORE: 9/10

Written By: Anthony Galasso


Anthony Galasso
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  1. Jacob Tender says:

    Great EP, great review. I think I’m in this video for a half second.