HOLY SH!T: Death Grips Dropped From Epic Records

Earlier today, I commented that I still thought the Death Grips versus Epic Records battle was a publicity stunt; maybe I was wrong. Epic Records have dropped Death Grips in light of their on going battle over the release of No Love Deep Web. Epic release this statement: “Epic Records is a music first company […]

Death Grips Battle With Epic Records Continues

We anticipated this sort of dispute here at UTG. A major label signing one of the most risky and unusual acts surprised us early this year, with Epic Records signing Death Grips as odd as an odd couple gets. Over a month ago, the hardcore rap group released a stream of their most recent album, No […]

Limp Bizkit fan killed over dispute

A man brutally beat his roommate to death when he had been forced to listen to Limp Bizkit. Click here to read the entire story of how this event played out.

Rebecca Black fighting Ark Music Factory

Click here to read a story explaining a dispute between infamous internet sensation, Rebecca Black, and Ark Music Factory (the company that produced her single, “Friday.”) The suit has reportedly been brought forth on the basis of copyright infringement and unlawful exploitation of publicity rights.