John Mayer - 2012

John Mayer Discusses Granuloma Possibly Returning

John Mayer recently sat down with the people at Rolling Stone to discuss his recovery process from having granuloma removed and the possibility of it actually returning. Read the entire interview through the link provided and keep an eye out for more updates from Mayer. Is it possible the granuloma could come back? Sure. Everybody […]

John Mayer - 2012

John Mayer Granuloma Update, Claims To Be Almost Healed

Today is a good day to be a John Mayer fan. Whereas no medical confirmation has surfaced, it seems as though, according to John Mayer’s Tumblr, his granuloma “is almost healed…” The singer/songwriter announced his “indefinite break” from live performing back in March, having to completely scrap the lengthy tour that followed the release of […]

John Mayer Stops Touring And Album Plans

In an unfortunate case of events John Mayer has to put his upcoming album and tour on a temporary hold until next year. John told his friends and fans on Tumblr that he has been diagnosed with Granuloma. For those unaware, Granuloma is a throat condition caused by an inflamed nodule near his vocal cords. […]