John Mayer Granuloma Update, Claims To Be Almost Healed

John Mayer - 2012

Today is a good day to be a John Mayer fan. Whereas no medical confirmation has surfaced, it seems as though, according to John Mayer’s Tumblr, his granuloma “is almost healed…”

The singer/songwriter announced his “indefinite break” from live performing back in March, having to completely scrap the lengthy tour that followed the release of his successful 2012 release, Born and Raised.

Although it’s just a mere Tumblr post, this small glimmer of hope could perpetuate the performer on stage sooner than fans may have expected. Read the full statement below. 

The granuloma is almost healed, I’m told. I’m in the middle of a four week period of *complete* vocal rest and bland diet, hoping that does the trick. It’s really close to being gone though. Sure would be a nice Christmas present… 

Anthony Galasso
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2 Responses to “John Mayer Granuloma Update, Claims To Be Almost Healed”

  1. Thank GOD! I pray for him every day, and wish him health, happiness and selfishly, a healed throat. I LOVE him, and his music has given me a billion hours of happiness. I hope he’s taking care of himself and doing everything the doctors tell him to do. Be well, John!

  2. Oh, and if the loud sex wasn’t just gossip, CURB IT, John! No yelling until your doctors say it’s OK. Katy, take it easy on him!