You Need To See the 15th Annual Halloween Short from Adam Green & ArieScope Pictures

Filmmaker Adam Green has spent the last fifteen years of his life turning his imagination into reality through his production company, ArieScope Pictures. Each year the team pools their efforts to create a unique short for Halloween, and I think they may have truly outdone themselves with this year’s entry, Halloween Hugs. It’s the night […]

Laugh And Scream: ‘Holliston’ Returns

We rarely cover television on UTG, but Holliston is not your typical show. Starring directors Adam Green (Hatchet) and Joe Lynch (Wrong Turn 2), the series follows two aspiring New England filmmakers as they chase their dreams, fall in love, and host a local cable access show dedicated to horror films. The first season was […]

HOLY SH!T: Here’s The First Three Images From ‘Hatchet 3’

Happy Halloween! The favorite holiday of our entire staff has finally arrived, and it seems this year’s version of The Great Pumpkin comes from none other than Ariescope Studios. That’s right, the company behind FearNet’s Holliston is getting in the seasonal spirit with the release of the first three images from next year’s Hatchet 3. […]