You Need To See the 15th Annual Halloween Short from Adam Green & ArieScope Pictures

Filmmaker Adam Green has spent the last fifteen years of his life turning his imagination into reality through his production company, ArieScope Pictures. Each year the team pools their efforts to create a unique short for Halloween, and I think they may have truly outdone themselves with this year’s entry, Halloween Hugs.

It’s the night of ArieScope Pictures’ staff Halloween party and everyone is in the best of moods. Green, always hoping to make a party better than the one before, rents a coffin for the night and the strange man who drops it off insists that under no circumstances does he want the coffin returned to him. Little do they know that the reason the man does not want his coffin back is far more terrifying/adorable than even this group of seasoned horror movie filmmakers is prepared for. You can view the short below.

The ArieScope Pictures’ Halloween short has become a tradition around UTG and in the lives of many of our staffers. My personal favorite will forever be Jack Chop, but Halloween Hugs is outrageous in the best possible way. It also offers ArieScope fans a chance to view some crazy props and memorabilia from the films they may otherwise never see.

Adam Green has been making appearances around the country in support of his film career and work on the hit show Holliston. He can be found at Rock And Shock 2013 this weekend in New England, which is actually where UTG will be this weekend as well. If you’re in town, come say hello!

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