HOLY SH!T: Here’s The First Three Images From ‘Hatchet 3’

Happy Halloween! The favorite holiday of our entire staff has finally arrived, and it seems this year’s version of The Great Pumpkin comes from none other than Ariescope Studios. That’s right, the company behind FearNet’s Holliston is getting in the seasonal spirit with the release of the first three images from next year’s Hatchet 3. Directed by BJ McDonnell, H3 will continue the saga of Victor Crowley, aka the “Bayou Butcher,” which began with Adam Green’s landmark 2007 film. You can view the images after the jump.

For those wondering what happened to series creator Adam Green, fear not. Green is executive producing this film and has made it clear through social networks and blog updates that he’s been extremely involved in the entire process.

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  1. Paul Stewart says:

    Cannot wait to see this movie