it hates you

He Is Legend on the outs?

He is Legend have announced they are going on Indefinite Hiatus. Please listen to one of their albums today in memory of the great rock that once was.

He Is Legend – It Hates You

Artist: He Is Legend Album: It Hates You Genre: Hard Rock Label: Tragic Hero I don’t think we need to waste too mcuh time with the “quirky” introduction to this review as my “first impressions” pretty much gave away our views on this record. He Is Legend’s third label release, It Hates You is an […]

First Impressions: He Is Legend – It Hates You

First Impressions is a segment where we let you into our early thoughts on a highly anticipated album, This week, we have our early views on He Is Legend’s It Hates You. It drops July 21st, 2009 on Tragic Hero Records. I’ve always had an awkward relationship with Schuyler and the boys of He Is […]