He Is Legend – It Hates You

ithatesyoucover2Artist: He Is Legend
Album: It Hates You
Genre: Hard Rock
Label: Tragic Hero

I don’t think we need to waste too mcuh time with the “quirky” introduction to this review as my “first impressions” pretty much gave away our views on this record. He Is Legend’s third label release, It Hates You is an overwhelmingly solid rock record that really sets the bar high both for the band and the scene in general. The heavy is heavy, the soft is soft, and the heart is at full speed throughout. So many heavier acts tend to fall off around the third album, btu it seems for He Is Legend, it’s only getting better with age.

“Dicephalous” kicks off the record on a bit of a somber tone upfront, but later let’s us into the world of He Is Legend quite wonderfully. The brooding introduction really pulls your ear as it makes you wonder just what to expect before the band comes in to give us a solid groove and great beat to welcome us into the album. Though, even with the greta welcome, it’s not until the start of “Party Time” that we feel in the world of He is Legend. These kind of dirty rock party anthems always hit me in a soft spot, but the raw feel of the track overall is really something that appeals to me on every level. This isn’t some polished dud of a rock album, but raw energy compressed and pushed into your skull at full intensity. It’s crazy good.

This album isn’t all about the party however, “The Primary Blues” is a much heavier and darker track that feels equally at home on It Hates You. The near syncopated guitar work mixed with Schuyler’s gruff vocals give the appearance of a cleaner sounding Every Time I Die, but with this dirty punk side we never see int he ETID world. At least, not like this. The record even ventures outside this genre labels with “Stranger Danger” taking on a Deftones like swagger and “That’s Nasty” pulling a folk feel the resonates of 90’s indie/alternative music. It’s truly a genre defying treat.

Without saying too much and becoming a He Is Legend fansite, I cannot express to you my happiness over It Hates You. He is Legend have created an album that defies genre while defining what the future of music needs to be. They are eclectic, yet everything flows and the messages get across on all fronts. There’s no gimmicks, no radio cuts, just pure rock and roll and its absolute finest. If you only buy one “rock” album this summer, make it He is Legend’s It Hates You.

Score: 9.7/10

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