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Stream Chrome Sparks’ “Marijuana” With The Addition Of Kitty

One of my favorite stand-alone tracks of 2013 was Chrome Sparks‘ “Marijuana,” hands down. I don’t even smoke, so it has nothing to do with the title. The production is just stellar. The song grooves and bounces along and you simply can’t help but do the same. Just yesterday, internet celebrity of sorts and Noisey […]

LISTEN: Kitty – “285”

Starting off her career as an internet-centered enigma within the rap blog community known as Kitty Pryde, Kitty has not only dropped half of her name over time, but she has managed to completely shift both her image and sound as well. With “285,” the second self-leaked track from her forthcoming full-length, flowerviolence, the notion […]

Kitty Explores New Territory On “Second Life”

Kitty Pryde, now referred to simply as Kitty, is best known for her witty rapping that has ended up in everything from multiple quality EPs to a collaboration with the Neon Icon himself, RiFF RAFF. On a new cut entitled “Second Life,” though, Kitty has taken her sound in an unexpected direction with phenomenal results. […]

REVIEW: Danny Brown – ‘Old’

Artist: Danny Brown Album: Old Genre: Rap Label: Fool’s Gold Records Danny Brown is arguably the most versatile rapper in the game right now. Rather than catering to one sect of hip-hop’s scene, the Detroit native has proven time and time again his ability to craft high quality street stories alongside erratic party music. While […]

Ellen Page Wants A Kitty Pryde Movie, Do You?

Finding strong female characters in comics has been a struggle for decades, and in recent years the same has been the case for the box office record setting comic adaptation hitting the silver screen. If you’re about to argue that Black Widow made an appearance in Avengers, take a moment and consider just how many […]

EDITORIAL: Pryde and Prejudice. A Morals and Orals Quarrel

Noisey columnist, Kitty Pryde, has taken the stand in defense of her friend and current tour mate, Danny Brown, on account of “The Thing,” an incident that took place on stage at one of their shows in Minneapolis on Friday, April 26. Danny Brown reportedly had his pants pulled down by a woman in the […]

Danny Brown Reveals New Title, Collaborators For ‘XXX’ Followup

Big day for Danny Brown. You know, that rapper from Detroit. He was almost in G-Unit? Uh… he’s the one with the hair… and the teeth (or lack thereof)? Yeah, the gross sexual one! Love that guy. In a yet-to-be-run interview on Pitchfork – I guess they didn’t want to sit on this scoop? – […]