Life-Size Lady Gaga Dolls Debuted In Tokyo

If you’ve always wanted a strikingly realistic, horrendously creepy, full-scale replica of your favorite pop-star to watch over you as you sleep at night, I highly suggest you keep reading.

Yesterday, an undisclosed Japanese company released the “Gagadoll” on to masses of unsuspecting holiday shoppers in Tokyo. The figures, inspired by Gaga’s most recent effort, Artpop, are life-size, and adorned in the singers’s notoriously outlandish garb. And as if this whole thing didn’t already scream B-movie of the century, Billboard reports that when individuals listen to the doll’s chest, they will hear Gaga’s music as opposed to the rhythmic thumping of a heart. Good luck getting to sleep tonight!

According to The Japan Times, Gaga was extremely happy with the final product, admitting that “they look so much like me.”

Artpop debuted at number one on the popular music charts in Japan and hasn’t budged since, despite having dropped to number eight here in the US. In the coming weeks, it is rumored that the pop goddess will release a video for her track “Do What U Want,” featuring R. Kelly; you can give the tune a listen below.


Kyle Florence
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