Louis C.K. Releases New Special, ‘Live At The Comedy Store’

Comedian Louis C.K. has surprised fans around the globe with the digital release of a new, hour-long stand-up special. Live At The Comedy Store was released through the star of Louie‘s official website earlier today. It’s the first special from C.K. in two years, and his first to be filmed at a venue other than […]

LIVE REVIEW & PHOTOS: Funny Or Die’s Oddball Comedy Festival (8/22/14)

The Oddball Comedy Festival has made its way around the country this summer and will continue to bring laughter to stand-up fans through the end of September. The tour has been hitting grand-scale theaters as opposed to the usual hole-in-the-wall comedy clubs. Although it takes away the intimacy of a smaller environment, it does manage […]

REVIEW: Louis C.K. – Live At The Beacon Theater

Comedian: Louis C.K. Special: Live At The Beacon Theater Finding out that Louis C.K. was putting out another special this year was all I really wanted for Christmas this year. That new special being one of the best we’ve seen from him to date….well, that just satisfies my inner-most holiday desires for a few years […]

Dane Cook confronts Louis C.K.

Fans of comedy will surely remember the rumored feud between Louis C.K. and Dane Cook a couple years back. According to reports (IE: blogs), C.K. was pissed that Cook lifted bits from him, including one about being able to name your kids anything you wanted. You can view a video explaining said argument below: As […]