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An ‘Evil Dead’ TV Series Is In The Works

Fans of the Evil Dead movies have something to look forward to this coming Halloween. The next installment of the series will take form as a TV show on Starz, and it’s expected to be launched right around that time. The show will star Bruce Campbell as Ash Williams once again, and it follows him […]

Foo Fighters Stream “Something From Nothing”

The wait is over, Foo fans. The first song off Foo Fighters highly-anticipated new album has found its way online ahead of the record’s November street date. Arriving on YouTube late Thursday afternoon, “Something From Nothing” showcases the latest evolution of Foo Fighters in just under five minutes’ time. It’s not the immediately catchy track […]

Dave Grohl Now Has His Own HBO Series

Dave Grohl is the coolest guy in the world. Not just because of this post, though it is pretty wild, but because he has reached a point where everything he touches turns to gold. Long live the king. Classic Rock Magazine is reporting that Foo Fighters‘ frontman Dave Grohl has inked a deal with HBO […]

Get Ready for A ‘Friday Night Lights’ Movie Based On The TV Show Based On The Movie Based On The Book

Friday Night Lights has been an on and off success story for more than a decade. It started with a bestselling book (which we highly recommend), then became a mediocre movie based on a novel, which lead to a far superior tv series based on the film, and now it has come full circle with […]

There May Be Another ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ Movie After All

Someone call Eddie Murphy and tell him he may soon be relevant again. Reports are pouring in that Paramount Pictures has a renewed interest in bringing their Beverly Hills Cop franchise back to life. The series, which launched Eddie Murphy’s career as a movie star into the stratosphere, has been lying dormant since talk of […]

OurStage Panel Teases Finale, Hot Chelle Rae Performance

The finale of’s ongoing webseries The Panel finally arrives online December 15, but fans eager for a sneak peak can view preview right here on UTG. Featuring performances from winner’s of each episode, as well as an appearance from Hot Chelle Rae, this looks to be the greatest episode of The Panel yet! You […]

MC Chris Signs Production Agreement With Titmouse, Cartoon On The Way

Web genius, rapper, and all-round hilarious guy MC Chris broke news via Twitter this morning that he’s officially signed a production agreement with Titmouse and will be bringing his own cartoon to life in the near future. Titmouse, who many of you will recognize from popular shows on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim programming block, is […]

Fred Durst Signs TV Deal, Officially A “Douchebag”

Some stories fall out of the industry like gifts from the sky or Christmas come early. This one is three Christmases combined. Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst has signed a deal with CBS to develop a new primetime sitcom tentatively titled Douchebag. The series will star Durst, who you may remember from :30 seconds in […]

Dane Cook confronts Louis C.K.

Fans of comedy will surely remember the rumored feud between Louis C.K. and Dane Cook a couple years back. According to reports (IE: blogs), C.K. was pissed that Cook lifted bits from him, including one about being able to name your kids anything you wanted. You can view a video explaining said argument below: As […]

When Wiz Khalifa was 17…

MTV’s When I Was 17 gives fans of all genres of music insight on their favorite artists as teens. In a recent episode, the channel that rarely shows music anymore decided to give the “Black And Yellow” star the spotlight. Look below to learn about Wiz’s prom adventures and more. Rolling Papers hits stores this […]

Simon Cowell’s ‘The X Factor’ details

In case you haven’t heard, former American Idol judge, Simon Cowell, will be offering his notoriously honest opinions on vocal performances on his new TV series called The X Factor. Read the details that were just released about the show (including the fact that the winner will receive a $5 million record deal by Syco… no big deal) here!

Trace and Billy Ray Cyrus Hosting TV Show

Trace and Billy Ray Cyrus will be hosting their own show on the SyFy channel.