RX Bandits Reveal New Album’s Title (‘Gemini, Her Majesty’), Cover Art

Back in January, RX Bandits made our dreams come true by announcing that they were in fact working on a new record. Their Pledge Music campaign was evidence of that but very little information was revealed at the time. We assumed the end of the year would make sense for a release but it turns […]

BEST NEWS: RX Bandits Say, “we will indeed be making a new album.”

Oh, how I was awaiting this news! We all hoped it’d come in due time and we had a feeling that it would, especially after they more or less hinted at it last year. RX Bandits finally revealed on Saturday that they would in fact be releasing a new album as a follow-up to their […]

Rx Bandits to play three of their albums front-to-back

at California shows