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RX Bandits Reveal New Album’s Title (‘Gemini, Her Majesty’), Cover Art

Back in January, RX Bandits made our dreams come true by announcing that they were in fact working on a new record. Their Pledge Music campaign was evidence of that but very little information was revealed at the time. We assumed the end of the year would make sense for a release but it turns […]

BEST NEWS: RX Bandits Say, “we will indeed be making a new album.”

Oh, how I was awaiting this news! We all hoped it’d come in due time and we had a feeling that it would, especially after they more or less hinted at it last year. RX Bandits finally revealed on Saturday that they would in fact be releasing a new album as a follow-up to their […]

The Sound Of Animals…Writing? Or Something Not As Exciting?

Admittedly, the cheesy headline was more of an attempt at a pun than what the news may actually be, but something is definitely happening in camp TSOAF! At the very least, there’s activity on their Facebook and website. Maybe we’re just getting excited as they simply thought it was time to change their cover photo, […]

UTG TV: RX Bandits Inside The Green Room

RX Bandits recently completed a nationwide tour celebrating the 10 year anniversary of their 2003 hit record The Resignation. To commemorate the occasion, the band played the record from front to back as fans sang along with smiles from ear to ear. Also on the tour was Northern Faces, an indie outfit now residing with […]

UTG EXCLUSIVE: RX Bandits Are “all pretty hip to the idea of making new music”

RX Bandits just wrapped up their excellent 10-year anniversary tour for their 2003 release, The Resignation. You can view our pics from the opening date in San Francisco here. 11 dates later on July 20, UTG staffers Derek Scancarelli and Josh Hammond caught up with those damn bandits at the New York date for an […]

UTG PHOTOS: RX Bandits’ ‘The Resignation’ 10-Year Anniversary Tour (7/5/13)

Under The Gun sent Front Page Editor, Brian Lion, to The Regency Ballroom in San Francisco, CA on July 5 for the very first stop on RX Bandits’ 10-year anniversary tour for their album, ‘The Resignation.’ There’s always this majestic presence you feel while crossing the Golden Gate Bridge and heading down Lombard into The […]

Vans Warped Tour 2013

Warped Tour Announces Acoustic Basement Bands

One of the things that made the Vans Warped Tour of 2012 so memorable was the inclusion of the Acoustic Basement stage. The haven of shade and stripped-down sets makes its return this year, and with that comes in a slew of artists who are either branching out in their respective side projects or dedicated […]

WATCH: Nate Barcalow (Finch) – “Ender” (Live In Japan Acoustic)

One Nate Barcalow, vocalist for Finch, Reverend Crow, and Earthbound Ghost, recently did a benefit show in Japan as a solo artist with Matt Embree from RX Bandits. Vinnie Caruana was supposed to perform, but had to cancel. We’ve got our hands on a video of Nate covering Finch’s song “Ender” by his lonesome. Similar […]

WATCH: Biceratops (Members Of RX Bandits) – “Cinco De Mustache”

Oh, RX Bandits, how I love thee. Everybody’s favorite weird band that somehow got labeled as ska has a few side projects going on (or are they bands? The RX Bandits didn’t break up, did they? Anyone? Bueller?) with Steve Choi in Peace’d Out, and now Matt and CGak in Biceratops. Biceratops play a strange […]

Nate Barcalow (ex-Finch), Matt Embree (ex-RX Bandits), & Vinnie Caruana (ex-The Movielife) To Do One Off Show

Nate Barcalow (ex-Finch, currently in both Earthbound Ghost and Reverend Crow), Matt Embree (formerly of the RX Bandits & Pebaluna), and Vinnie Caruana (formerly of The Movielife and now of Peace’d Out) have announced one show together, in Japan, called “Songs From Across The Sea”. The show is on December 2. The show itself is […]

Vinnie Caruana Announces Solo Tour

Vinnie Caruana (I Am the Avalanche, Ex. The Movielife) has announced a solo tour coming late August featuring Matt Embree (Rx Bandits). Solo tours are always fun, and Vinnie Caruana is no stranger to them. The UTG offices are huge fans of anything Vinnie does, so seeing another solo tour is a great treat to […]