Mike Einziger

UTG INTERVIEW: Steve Rennie, Manager of Incubus, Founder Of Renman Music & Business

From time to time, a chance to interview someone we’ve long admired comes up that we simply cannot resist. Stevie Rennie is a music industry expert who started as a promoter in Los Angeles, became a record executive for Epic Records, and ended up managing Incubus. He’s now started his own website for those who […]

Mike Einziger (Incubus) In Studio With The Internet

Mike Einziger, guitarist for alternative rock band Incubus, has always kept himself busy on Incubus’ breaks, between going to Harvard for music and side projects like Time Lapse Cosrtium. The guitarist has now shown a picture of him in the studio working with hip hop duo The Internet. What his role is with the trip […]

New Material From Incubus Side-Project Time Lapse Consortium to Come

During 2003, Incubus guitarist Mike Enziger started a side-project called Time Lapse Consortium. It was from this side project that he began working with the (then) Roots guitarist and (now) Incubus-bassist, Ben Kenney. Although Incubus has already said they will slow down after the Honda 2012 tour with Linkin Park that spans across the United […]

Incubus track-by-track guide for ‘If Not Now, When?’

Incubus guitarist Mike Einziger sat down and discussed the meanings behind all of the tracks off of the bands’ forthcoming release, If Not Now, When?. The album is released on July 11 through Epic Records. Go and read this in-depth guide to their album by clicking right here.