UTG INTERVIEW: Steve Rennie, Manager of Incubus, Founder Of Renman Music & Business

From time to time, a chance to interview someone we’ve long admired comes up that we simply cannot resist. Stevie Rennie is a music industry expert who started as a promoter in Los Angeles, became a record executive for Epic Records, and ended up managing Incubus. He’s now started his own website for those who […]

Lil Wayne Addresses “Dedication 4” Delay, Confirms Labor Day Release

Lil Wayne has again turned to BreadOverBed to address the recent (continued) delay of his Dedication 4 mixtape. The video announcement, which can be found below (or here), finds Weezy telling fans his work is “done” and that everything that follows from this point is on producer DJ Drama. “Remember how I used to do […]

Black Eyed Peas File Lawsuit Against Former Manager Sean M. Larkin

UTG has learned that Black Eyed Peas have filed a lawsuit against their former manager, Sean M. Larkin, for failing to file taxes on the band’s behalf between 2002 and 2009., Taboo and all accused Larkin of misleading the group when asked to see financial documents proving taxes were completed. This fraud cost […]

Lamb Of God’s Manager Larry Mazer Releases Statement On Randy Blythe

In a recent interview with Lamb Of God’s manager Larry Mazer, Mazer opens up about lead singer Randy Blythe’s innocence regarding the charges brought against him. Read the statement below and check back soon for more information on Blythe’s scenario. “Randy should be released immediately. His lawyer told us so. In the US he would […]

Amanda Hyrns

Amanda Hyrns has a new band

New Jersey’s biggest talent, Amanda Hyrns, is going through changes. She has just announced that she has a band together and is ready to get started with them. She also revealed that Craig Owens would no longer be her manager, but that won’t stop the rising star from attaining what she knows she can. Here […]

Imposters pose as Drake’s manager

A recent occurrence, at the Sherman Theater in Pennsylvania, saw the venues promoters being duped by impostures posing as Drake‘s manager, tour manager and even the artist himself. The theater’s president Richard Berkowitz is working with the authorities on this case to catch the Virginia-based booking agency. Other venues have been cited as being victims […]

Axl Rose And His Former Manager Do Not Get Along, At All

5 Million Dollar Lawsuit on Hand!