murder the mountains


Red Fang have been taking the metal world by storm since releasing their debut, self-titled album in 2009 via Sargent House. Between playing the Metalliance tour alongside Crowbar and Helmet, and opening for bands like Megadeth on the Jägermeister stage of Rockstar’s Mayhem Festival last year, the guys in Red Fang have surely been making […]

Red Fang release music video for “Wires”

Watch Red Fang‘s music video for their song “Wires” by clicking on the link provided. This song comes off of the bands’ latest album, Murder The Mountains. What do you think of the video?

REVIEW: Red Fang – Murder The Mountains

“Often I’ve tried to imagine what it would sound like if some daring soul blasted Kyuss and Mastodon at the same time through the vast and mighty halls of Valhalla during a thunderstorm, then tried to record the resulting echo. Murder the Mountains by Red Fang is, in my opinion, the closest, non-hypothetical comparison to what that entire auditory ordeal would end up like. With robust riffs the size of your head and growling vocalists raunchy enough to tear one from their very own happy place, this album delivers a life size temporal lobe beat down that any fan of the genre can appreciate.”