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Snoop Dogg Changes His Name (Again), Announces New Album

Snoop Dogg became Snoop Lion not too long ago, and within a few weeks of attempting to make the identity stick most press outlets went back to calling him Snoop D-O-double-G once more. Now, on the same day as his new album announcement, the iconic Snoop has once again requested media and fans refer to […]

This Town Needs Guns Change Name, Announce European Tour

This Town Needs Guns was always an interesting name for a band. Yesterday, it was announced on Sargent House’s Facebook page that they would no longer go by This Town Need Guns, and instead refer to themselves as TTNG. When a fan asked “What’s wrong with guns?“, the label responded “Well for one, no town […]


MUSIC VIDEO: Hrvrd – “Cardboard Houses”

Charlotte, North Carolina indie rock quintet, Hrvrd, have released their new live music video for their single, “Cardboard Houses”. The track comes off of the group’s forthcoming sophomore album. The album is yet to be titled, but is expected to drop soon. It will be Hrvrd’s first release on Equal Vision Records. Check out the […]

Malice Of Clipses Changes His Name, Releases Explanation Video

We have never kept our love of Clipse secret on UTG, but today’s news caught even our most diehard staff by surprise. After months of silence in the rap game, Malice of Clipse has stepped forward and announced he now use the moniker NoMalice on all future releases. This may seem like a small deal […]

Jay-Z and Kanye form THE THRONE, announce TOUR

Jay-Z and Kanye West have been relatively quiet about the promotion for Watch The Throne, but not anymore. The duo announced today they will be known from now on as The Throne (which essentially means the album is entitled Watch Us) and that the album has been delayed until August 8 in order to launch […]

Not so Secret Secret Dino Club

It looks like Secret Secret Dino Club is now known only as Dino Club. Guess the secret got out.

nevershoutnever name change?

read it straight from the blog of the man behind the music….Christofer Drew

The end of NeverShoutNever?

Christofer Drew may be dropping the name NeverShoutNever! for his upcoming releases, but he wants your opinion on the subject. Tell him what you think and read an explanation from Drew, HERE.