This Town Needs Guns Change Name, Announce European Tour

This Town Needs Guns was always an interesting name for a band. Yesterday, it was announced on Sargent House’s Facebook page that they would no longer go by This Town Need Guns, and instead refer to themselves as TTNG. When a fan asked “What’s wrong with guns?“, the label responded “Well for one, no town needs any guns…  It’s a NEW band but they are still rooted in the old band and perform songs from all eras. Stu picked the name and he’s retired from the band now so that name has a totally different meaning to the three members now. They are and will always be This Town Needs Guns. They just choose to simply use TTNG instead of the full name. And 9 years ago when they named it, people weren’t walking into schools and gunning down kids either.” This is probably a decent move.

That said, they also announced a tour of Europe. The opener on all these dates is Nate Kinsella’s solo project, Birthmark, whose album, Antibodies, came out last year on Polyvinyl Records. You can check out our review of TTNG’s new album here. There will likely be a United States tour later in 2013, but so far, it’s just Europe. Check out the tour dates after the break.

Jan 31, 2013 – Paris, France @ Les Combustibles
Feb 1, 2013 – Bielefeld, Germany @ AJZ
Feb 2, 2013 – Dortmund, Germany @ FZW
Feb 3, 2013 – Hamburg, Germany @ Astra Stube
Feb 5, 2013 – Denmark, Copenhangen @ Basement Show
Feb 6, 2013 – Stockholm, Sweden @ Kulturhuset Lava
Feb 7, 2013 – Oslo, Norway @ Kampen Bistro
Feb 8, 2013 – Kristiansand, Norway @ Pir 6
Feb 9, 2013 – Copenhagen, Denmark @ BETA
Feb 10, 2013 – Prague, Czech Republic @ Klub 007
Feb 11, 2013 – Giessen, Germany @ Muk Gießen
Feb 13, 2013 – Berlin, Germany @ Marie Antoinette
Feb 14, 2013 – Leipzig, Germany @ Werk II
Feb 15, 2013 – Aachen, Germany @ Musikbunker
Feb 16, 2013 – Enschede, Holland @ The Loch
Feb 17, 2013 – Leuven, Belgium @ Room 66

Dan Bogosian
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