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UTG PREMIERE: WILD SUN – ‘Little Truths’

Dive into the soothing rock ‘n’ roll of WILD SUN with an exclusive premiere of the band’s brand new record, Little Truths. From the album’s opener, “Shy Hinges,” to the prolific number “Monterey,” the band takes the listener through a ride of rock-rooted alternative numbers, each as passionate as the one before it. WILD SUN […]

madus all the way song premiere


Los Angeles-based rock group MADUS are delivering an ultra hard-hitting and fascinatingly infectious track, “All The Way,” as their first single off of the upcoming EP of the same name. The track gives off an aural drive, punching you in the gut at times, while still being catchy enough to be stuck in your head […]

SUPPORT CREATIVITY: Architects (US) Frontman Opens Up About Album Fundraiser

The Architects (US) are in the middle of one of the most artistically provocative and financially demanding projects ever pursued by an independent band. The band’s Border Wars album — a series of five, 6-song EPs and accompanying comic books culminating into a five-part story — is a musical triumph. Or, at least it is […]

the grape and the grain single premiere burnt by the sun

UTG PREMIERE: The Grape And The Grain – “Burnt By The Sun (alternate version)”

The Grape And The Grain is one of those bands that is simply doing everything right. Within each song the band mixes and melds the proper doses of rock ‘n’ roll, folk, singer-songwriter, and downright addictive storytelling. Under The Gun Review is premiering the band’s second single off of the upcoming acoustic EP, “Burnt By […]

architects kansas city border wars episode 2

REVIEW: The Architects (U.S) – ‘Border Wars Episode II’

Artist: The Architects (U.S.) Album: Border Wars Episode II Genre: Rock ‘n’ Roll Border Wars Episode II from Kansas City’s The Architects is a record poised to steal your heart and make you truly fight to get it back. As the latest installment of the five-part concept record and graphic novel combination, Episode II is […]

Willie and the Giant

PREMIERE: Willie and the Giant – “Poor Boy”

Tapping the sensual and sexual tone of adult contemporary jazz rock, Willie and the Giant are one of the best easy listens to rise out of the ranks of Nashville in recent memory. With roots in Alabama, the quartet mixes and matches jazz, rock, easy listening, and lo-fi jam music to make truly sweet sounds. […]

WATCH: The Gay Blades’ “Rock N’ Roll (Part 1)” Featured In Taco Bell Commercial

The Gay Blades will forever a band we hold near and dear to our hearts. Not only does UTG takes its name from their music, but we truly believe they are a powerful force in rock and roll that the world needs to hear. They have not been too busy as of late, but their […]

iPhonic Release ‘Rock N Roll Volume I’

Anything Cleveland’s iPhonic touches, turns to… partying? Yes, this band is one to get to know and quick. The guys’ classy tuxedo-style, paired with their unique blend of hip-hop & rock-n-roll, is sure to put you in a good mood. iPhonic’s sound is infectious and their party anthems are always a hit. Their new mixtape […]

MUSIC VIDEO: Skrillex – Rock N Roll (Will Take You To the Mountain)

Skrillex has unleashed a new set of visuals for his rabid fanbase that we simply had to share with you. Click below to view the official video for “Rock N Roll (Will Take You To the Mountain).” If you like what you hear, be sure to keep in touch with Skrillex on Twitter.

Live: Raekwon and Ghostface Killah

Watch Raekwon and Ghosface Killah perform their hit “Rock ‘N’ Roll” on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Raekwon’s upcoming album Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang hits the shelf on March 8th.

The Guardian claims rock n’ roll is dead

According to popular UK publication The Guardian, rock n’ roll is dead. Do you agree?