UTG PREMIERE: WILD SUN – ‘Little Truths’

Dive into the soothing rock ‘n’ roll of WILD SUN with an exclusive premiere of the band’s brand new record, Little Truths. From the album’s opener, “Shy Hinges,” to the prolific number “Monterey,” the band takes the listener through a ride of rock-rooted alternative numbers, each as passionate as the one before it.

WILD SUN frontman Glenn Kendzia opened up about the record:

Ultimately, the album was a breakup album. I was in a really dark place after a breakup with someone I was intensely involved with. It was a phase that rearranged many of my views and outlooks on life, and the album was written in the midst of these new-formed perspectives and understanding of myself and things around me.

Stream the band’s brand new record, Little Truths, below and leave your thoughts in the comments. Pre-order the record here today.

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