PREMIERE: Willie and the Giant – “Poor Boy”

Willie and the Giant

Tapping the sensual and sexual tone of adult contemporary jazz rock, Willie and the Giant are one of the best easy listens to rise out of the ranks of Nashville in recent memory. With roots in Alabama, the quartet mixes and matches jazz, rock, easy listening, and lo-fi jam music to make truly sweet sounds.

Today, Under The Gun Review is premiering the band’s latest track, “Poor Boy,” a particularly penchant number worthy of any NPR playlist. With instrumentation flying between guitars, horns, keys, and percussion (all topped off with unforgettable harmonies) the band really sends the listener into a trance with this track.

Frontman Will Stewart had this to say about the band’s writing process:

“I like a depressing song as much as the next guy, but with Willie & the Giant, I want everything to be uplifting and fun. Whether it’s soul, blues or rock & roll, there can be transcendence in the delivery. You’re coming from a place of pain, but you’re not wallowing in it; you’re digesting and moving past it.”

Follow the jump to hear the new track, “Poor Boy” for yourself and leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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2 Responses to “PREMIERE: Willie and the Giant – “Poor Boy””

  1. Serassa says:

    This sounds Awesome! Lovin it!!!

  2. rolffz says:

    This is such a great track in every way. Can’t wait to hear more from this band! #realmusic #thankyou