Sledding With Tigers Enter Studio To Begin New EP

Sledding With Tigers have had a banner year in 2014. Not only did the San Diego folk punk outfit join the Antique Records family and release their debut album, but they managed to win over countless new fans around the globe in the process. Now the time has come for the group to begin working on new material, and earlier today we got our first update from the band’s recent time in the studio.

Writing to fans from his writing sessions, Sledding With Tigers frontman updated listeners with the following message:

“We’re working on a new EP right now! It’s just in the beginning stages, but right now, it looks like it’s going to be a couple of folk songs about my feelings, about heartbreak, and about not being very good at either of those things! Also, there should be some saxophone on this one, which is very exciting and also very alarming to people who hate the saxophone. A lot of people will be disappointed that this album is not about Space Jam, and ya know what? So am I.

Dan & the huge management team that runs Sledding With Tigers International Incorporated.

P.S. Please verify me on Twitter.”

If anyone reading this works at Twitter, will you please help Dan out? Thanks.

In other Sledding With Tigers news, the band is currently selling a limited edition t-shirt to raise funds for their winter activities. The design is a band-approved parody of a popular shirt from The World Is A Beautiful Place And I Am No Longer Afraid To Die. You can view the design below. Click here to place your order.


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