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Taken 2 manages to mediocre its way to the top for the second week in a row. The poorly reviewed Liam Neeson movie somehow made more money this weekend than Argo, which took second place, just edging out the new horror flick, Sinister. You can see the full top ten list from the weekend and how much the […]

DAMMIT: Even Though Liam Says No, It Looks Like “Taken 3” May Be On The Way

This is bullshit. I understand how business works enough to know that studios are going to cash in on any/everything they think will turn a profit, but does no one have the heart (or soul) to admit when they’re doing the audience wrong? After an insanely successful opening weekend, talk began to swirl early Sunday […]


The action packed Taken 2 (The Tookening?) topped the box office this weekend. Liam Neeson is back again and he punched enough people to make the most money, nearly doubling the number two movie, Hotel Transylvania. The other newcomer, Frankenweenie, did not do so well, only landing halfway through the top ten. Maybe people are finally sick of Tim […]


Movie lovers have two choices to pick from for new releases this weekend. First, there is Taken 2, the sequel to the Liam Neeson thriller from 2008. We have a full review of it here, and it is not looking good. The other new release this weekend is Frankenweenie, the black and white Tim Burton stop motion […]

REVIEW: “Taken 2”

Film: Taken 2 Starring: Liam Neeson Directed by: Olivier Megaton I have done my best over the years to accept every sequel that came down the Hollywood pipeline with an open mind. We live in a time where the demand for video content makes anything with even the slightest diehard fanbase worthy of becoming a […]

HOLY SH!T: The First Trailer For “Taken 2” Vows Revenge

Liam Neeson has been a Hollywood badass for many years, but the original Taken definitely helped launch his stardom into the stratosphere, so it only makes sense that he would return to his golden calf in hopes of once again striking box office gold. Taken 2 will be opening this Fall, with Liam reprising his […]