Near Mint Is Bringing Broken Beak’s Latest To Cassette

Near Mint Records is continuing their tradition of bringing hardworking bands into the national spotlight with the news they will soon partner with Broken Beak for a special cassette release of the band’s recent EP, Curse Burner. The four-track release is limited to 50 copies split across two variants (White, Red). Pre-orders are available now. […]

UTG PREMIERE: anna sage. – “The Life and Lies of Jimmy Fries”

The weekend is here, and as far as we are concerned there is no better way to end the work week than with a new soundtrack that can keep you entertained until Monday shows its ugly face once more. Today, it gives us great pleasure to partner with our friends at Near Mint Records for […]

We Want The ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Soundtrack On Cassette, Do You?

A week has passed since Marvel‘s Guardians Of The Galaxy debuted in theaters, and in that time the film has already grossed well over $100 million. That kind of revenue tells us that a slew of Guardians inspired merchandise is going to be hitting stores in the months ahead, and we’ve collectively settled on the […]

MOVIE REVIEW: Rewind This!

Movie: Rewind This! Director: Josh Johnson Studio: Imperial PolyFarm Productions Take a second and think about where your VHS tapes from your childhood are. On a shelf? In a box? You can’t remember because it’s been so long? None of these answers would be surprising; since the genesis of the VHS tape in the 1970s, […]