Near Mint Is Bringing Broken Beak’s Latest To Cassette

Near Mint Records is continuing their tradition of bringing hardworking bands into the national spotlight with the news they will soon partner with Broken Beak for a special cassette release of the band’s recent EP, Curse Burner. The four-track release is limited to 50 copies split across two variants (White, Red). Pre-orders are available now.

We would summarize the band for you, but Near Mint’s James Cassar did such a fine job we figured we might as well share his hard work instead. Here’s a description of Broken Beak’s music from Near Mint’s online store:

Broken Beak’s earlier releases showcase a loose conceptual arc with music that is arguably even more untangled by lo-fi hiss. At times straightforward acoustic arrangements, at times folkier flirtations, the latest notch in the project’s belt, Curse Burner, is no exception. Recorded by Jake Ewald of Modern Baseball at Drexel University and featuring Roya Weidman, this release is the perfect introduction to this Philadelphia outfit’s headspace and larger goals.

A digital version of Curse Burner is available now on Bandcamp, which is also where you can find a complete stream of the record. A free digital download is included with every tape purchase, so if you’re going to support Broken Beak you might as well pre-order one of Near Mint’s super limited tapes.

You can stream one Broken Beak song, “Book Of Smoke,” below.

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