We Want The ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Soundtrack On Cassette, Do You?

A week has passed since Marvel‘s Guardians Of The Galaxy debuted in theaters, and in that time the film has already grossed well over $100 million. That kind of revenue tells us that a slew of Guardians inspired merchandise is going to be hitting stores in the months ahead, and we’ve collectively settled on the one must-own item would like to see exist.

If you have seen Guardians Of The Galaxy then you will no doubt recall that Star-Lord’s Awesome Mix Vol. 1 is a mixtape contained on this outdated piece of technology known as a cassette. That format, which dominated the majority of the 1980s, has seen a bit of a resurgence in recent years. There are now dozens of labels creating tapes once more, and our friends at Antique Records recently sent out a tweet that spoke to our inner nerd:

It’s not uncommon for labels on the rise to tweet about the releases they wish they could create, but Antique was the first we saw to claim ‘dibs’ on this unique concept. Upon digging further, we discovered that Guardians director James Gunn apparently has feels a cassette should happen as well. On August 1, he tweeted:

If we are being completely honest with ourselves it’s like that Marvel would use their an imprint label entirely their own to create Guardians cassettes – if they even decide to make them in the first place. That said, how cool would it be to see Gunn partner with a small label to share this great release in the format it’s intended to be enjoyed?

C’mon, Hollywood. Let the indie labels have this one.


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