Metallica Release Full ‘Through The Never’ 3D Movie Trailer

After a weekend that saw them performing a surprise set at Comic-Con International, Metallica have uploaded the full trailer to their forthcoming feature film, Through The Never.

It seems like we have been discussing the release of Through The Never for nearly a year, but it wasn’t until the full trailer arrived online this morning that the full plot of the feature was revealed. The teaser released earlier this year showed what some believed to be a storyline running alongside the concert video, and we can now confirm that is in fact the case. As you’ll see in the video, a young man working for Metallica, played by Dane DeHaan (Chronicle, The Place Beyond The Pines), is sent into a city amidst a riot while the band performs a concert unlike any other for a massive arena. You can view the trailer below.

Did I mention Through The Never is in 3D? Because it is. Even better, it was filmed in 3D instead of being post-converted like, say, RIPD.

Through The Never hits IMAX on September 27. Comment below and let us know your thoughts on the latest trailer.

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