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That’s Outrageous! Preview “Psycho”

That’s Outrageous!, the same band whom many thought had fallen apart for good earlier in 2012, is officially on their way to a comeback and today we received a taste of the future. Though we’re still unsure when the full version will premiere, InVogue Records has released a teaser for a brand new That’s Outrageous! […]

Tom Degrazia Rejoins That’s Outrageous!, Drama Proven Unnecessary

In a mildly-surprising twist, vocalist Tom Degrazia has officially rejoined That’s Outrageous. Degrazia left TO! a few months back and until recently it seems the group may fade into obscurity, but apparently that is no longer the case. In a letter to fans, Degrazia wrote: I’m pretty positive a ton of people will be questioning […]

That’s Outrageous statement & Tom DeGrazia response

Drama, Drama, Drama. When did the music business get this way? Max Wrye (That’s Outrageous drummer) has released a statement clarifying their reasoning for giving founding member Tom DeGrazia the boot. You can read the statement below. Please stay tuned to UTG as this story continues to develop. If you see anything we havent posted, email […]

That’s Outrageous! remove guitarist Dave Netwon

News has surfaced of That’s Outrageous! kicking out guitarist Dave Newton. This comes as a shock to fans, who also saw cleans vocalist Tom DeGrazia leave just a little over a month ago. There has been no sign of planning from That’s Outrageous to replace either member and that makes us wonder if this band […]

Tom DeGrazia leaves That’s Outrageous!

Today, That’s Outrageous! founding member and lead vocalist, Tom DeGrazia notified his fans on his Tumblr that he would be parting ways with the band for other endeavors. The timing is quite odd. The band recently signed to Rise Records and have their debut album hitting shelves within a month. Nevertheless, things happen. To explain […]