Get Ready for A ‘Friday Night Lights’ Movie Based On The TV Show Based On The Movie Based On The Book

Friday Night Lights has been an on and off success story for more than a decade. It started with a bestselling book (which we highly recommend), then became a mediocre movie based on a novel, which lead to a far superior tv series based on the film, and now it has come full circle with newly revealed details about a film based on the TV series.

Connie Britton, former FNL star and current Nashville actress, told Ladies Home Journal in a new interview that a feature based on the hit series is in the pipeline, stating, “I have the script for a potential movie spin-off of ‘FNL.’ I think it’s just a matter of finding a time when everyone can do it.”

While this news is exciting for fans who have been waiting for an update on the film’s progress since Executive Producer Peter Berg told HuffPost he was “nearly complete” with the script, it doesn’t erase the memory of actor Scott Porter telling EW earlier this summer that there was a “50/50 chance” of the film actually happening. “I’m so scared we would never be able to top the show,” said Porter. “And I wouldn’t want what we did together tarnished in any way.”

We don’t want to get fans’ hopes up, so we’ll end this post with a final comment lined with positivity. During a recent cast reunion at the ATX Television Festival, FNL producer David Hudgens commented on the promise of a movie with the following:

“I will say that we can dream the dream; there have been talks about making a movie of the series. The producers, Pete and his partners are very passionate about it. I don’t think there’s any plans for it to move forward right now. But you never say never.”

We’re continuing to follow this story and will update you when more information is made available. Comment below and let us know if you think a second Friday Night Lights movie is a good idea.

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7 Responses to “Get Ready for A ‘Friday Night Lights’ Movie Based On The TV Show Based On The Movie Based On The Book”

  1. renamoretti1 says:

    Why is making movies based on TV flops so “in” at the moment? FNL was a huge flop. People emphatically didn’t like it. Millions were wasted on this flop. Why make more?

  2. Guest says:

    It was not a flop i think those that watched and put down the show does not understand what FNL is all about. Small towns and High School Football. Guess you just had to live it to be able to appreciate. The idea of the movie is great Bring it on.

  3. killiefan_essex says:

    American football pretty weird and not my thing(I’ve since tried watching an actual game and still no thanks) but I’ve watched all five series of FNL and I rate it up there with my favourite shows of all time , this shows managed to cross the Atlantic and find some one who likes it , can’t be that bad…. Anyway….Film..yes please that be great .

  4. renamoretti1 says:

    The show was so poorly made, it would have flopped no matter what the subject matter. Shakycam = lack of success.

  5. Stephanie says:

    Ok so the show had many unsteady cam use and at times shaky camera use. We get it you made your point…… However that does not change the fact that This was a Great scripted show with strong characters and raw emotions that only utilized the hand held camera use. I too at first didn’t like the camera use or the way the show was stickily promoted about football.

    But one night, while doing my college homework, the show came on without me even noticing it. I didn’t bother changing the channel because i was busy working on homework. However I was vaguely drawn into the dialogue of the show. The next thing I know I closed my book, put down my laptop and began to pay attention. Thats all it took. The writing and strong characters of the show. I quickly got over the camera use and learned to appreciate the use of it as a Raw approach as a way to ease drop on the lives of a small Texas town all weaved together by the town school itself.

    I am originally born and raised in Texas, and I know for a fact this show was as real as it can get with its drama, characters, and for the love of football and a community and its school.

    So many hated the camera use ~~~ Well to bad, cause once one was able to get past that, there was an amazing group of characters and actors that pulled you into an amazing world of television.

    I rank this show as one of the Best Written Drama Shows Ever.

    Thats My opinion
    and everyone else is also entitled to theirs of course

    : )

  6. yea says:

    Well, Usually Flops would only be on for ONE season, NOT FIVE!!

  7. Jeff says:

    Great show!!!! Can’t wait for the movie!!!!