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Ben Affleck’s Batman Revealed

Yesterday we were given a tease of the new Batmobile for the upcoming Batman vs. Superman. Director Zack Snyder claimed that the tarp would come off today, and boy did he deliver. Not only have we been given a nicer shot of the Batmobile, but we have also been given our first look at Ben […]

Wonder Woman Cast For ‘Batman Vs. Superman’

Well, we finally have a chance to meet her. The role of Wonder Woman has been cast for the upcoming DC Comics film, Batman vs. Superman. Gal Gadot, from recent Fast and Furious fame will helm the role. It has been rumored for months now that Wonder Woman would make an appearance in the film, […]

First Scene Filmed For ‘Batman Vs. Superman’

Although principle photography isn’t set to start until February, filming has begun for the new DC crossover film, Batman Vs. Superman. The scene that was filmed consists of a Gotham vs. Metropolis football game. Shooting for two plays, all around Gotham’s 30 yard line, the scene focused on the DC rivalry. Extra’s are decked out […]

Oliver Stone Not Excited To See ‘Batman Vs. Superman’ Film

It appears that director Oliver Stone (of Wall Street fame) is not looking forward to the new Batman/Superman film helmed by Zack Snyder. In a rant to anyone that would listen, Stone has said that he cannot believe that Americans “believe all this shit,” and that we have all “lost our minds.” He later goes […]