Oliver Stone Not Excited To See ‘Batman Vs. Superman’ Film

It appears that director Oliver Stone (of Wall Street fame) is not looking forward to the new Batman/Superman film helmed by Zack Snyder. In a rant to anyone that would listen, Stone has said that he cannot believe that Americans “believe all this shit,” and that we have all “lost our minds.”

He later goes on to detest that the unreal aspects of fantasy violence lead to no “authenticity.” But, is authenticity the point of film to begin with? The movie theater, my second home, is an escape from the real to the reel. A story’s integrity is not lined within its realism, for every story, whether it be science fiction, historical, fantasy, whatever, has its own realism. It is all within the parameters that the story sets forth for itself.

What do you think? Just because a film shows a dude flying around, does that make it not worth your time? Does any film not set within society’s realistic perimeter yield no reward?

Drew Caruso
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2 Responses to “Oliver Stone Not Excited To See ‘Batman Vs. Superman’ Film”

  1. thomas heath-cullen says:

    The problem with a Batman vs Superman movie is that it is depicting an infantile fantasy.
    If Hollywood wishes to truly depict showcase cinema, worthy of every penny used up for it, try something like Asimov’s Foundation, or Clarke’s Rama – in my opinion, quite literally the limit to one’s imagination.

  2. LegendInMyMind says:

    Don’t be dense. Franchise cornerstones like Batman vs Superman are the ONLY reason that any of those movies even get made. They get made with the profits of the blockbusters. It’s like College Football. College Football is pretty much the only reason for all other Collegiate Sports. Big fan of Track and Field? Thank NCAAF. Can’t get enough Lacrosse? Football did it. Having the industry give up on the notion of blockbuster filmmaking is as ridiculous as demanding the private sector start marketing non-cost effective developments.

    You “artistic” types never see the bottom line or the holes in your logic. It’s like your blind to the forest…by the trees.