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Rogue Has Been Cut From ‘Days of Future Past’

Days of Future Past may be my most anticipated superhero film of 2014. With the small taste we have been given from the astonishing debut trailer, the film is looking to be one of, if not the best X-Men film to date. Unfortunately, as we have found out today, Days of Future Past will screen […]

Pandora Internet Radio Will Have To Pay BMI A Higher Rate For Music

Bad news for avid users of Pandora. According to a decision filed on December 19, the corporation will have to pay more for the music from BMI that it makes available for streaming via its internet radio service. The decision follows a several-month-long court case with BMI in which Pandora sought access to the company’s […]

UTG EXCLUSIVE: Not Without A Fight – “Karl, That Kills People” Music Video

Michigan Pop Punk group, Not Without A Fight, have some cool things for you today, as we here at UTG have teamed up with them for an exclusive release of their brand new music video for “Karl, That Kills People.” Not Without A Fight is comprised of five friends, combined from various past bands to […]

LYRIC VIDEO: I, The Breather – “The Setting Sun”

I, The Breather have released two full length albums since they signed with Sumerian Records back in 2010. The band received moderate praise from their 2012 sophomore album, titled Truth And Purpose. Since the album’s release, the band has spent their time touring all over the country. Now that we’ve come to the end of […]

Assassins Announce Tour; Release Unmastered Track

Michigan Nu-Metal band, Assassins, have some announcements for you today. One being that the band will be out on the road with Carnifex, Betraying The Martyrs, I Declare War and Here Comes The Kraken from February 21 through March 29. Tour stops are yet to be announced, but stay tuned and we’ll update you on that […]

Kanye West Calls Anti-Semitism Accusation Comments “An Ignorant Compliment”

After words said in a radio interview, Kanye West was accused of anti-Semitism by the Anti-Defamation League. In the interview, Kanye said “Black people don’t have the same level of connections as Jewish people,” which is, as the Anti-Defamation League rightfully said, “classic anti-Semitism” about “the age-old canard that Jews are all-powerful and control the levers […]

Thee Oh Sees Take Hiatus

During a show last night in San Francisco, Thee Oh Sees frontman John Dwyer announced that the band would be taking an indefinite hiatus. “This will be the last Oh Sees show for a long while,” Dwyer said. “So dig in.” According to SF Weekly, Dwyer is leaving his home of San Francisco for Los Angeles. […]


The internet has been a useful tool for everyone from acclaimed producer Clams Casino to rap enigma Lil B to launch themselves into various levels of notability. Coincidentally, hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area where Lil B calls home, a rising producer and rapper by the name of Dirty Up is looking to follow […]

Watch: Tyga’s “Wait For A Minute” Video Featuring Justin Bieber

Guess Justin Bieber’s “retirement” isn’t happening after all? He’s got a new movie out on Christmas day and can be found in Tyga’s video for “Wait For A Minute,” which should technically be his song since he’s doing most of the work. It’s a minute and a half before Tyga even says anything more than […]

Watch Chance the Rapper Get Interviewed on Nardwuar

Chance the Rapper is the next to join the long line of people interviewed by Nardwuar, and the list of gifts he gets is pretty surprising. It wasn’t until this year that I found out about these interviews, and they’re a  treasure trove of information. That man you see in the plaid golf hat and […]

Rick Ross Debuts “The Devil Is A Lie” Featuring Jay Z

Maybach Music Group CEO Rick Ross may have pushed his long-awaited new album Mastermind back to 2014, but he’s still looking out for fans with the unannounced release of his Jay Z collaborative single, “The Devil Is A Lie.” Teased since October, “The Devil Is A Lie” pairs two of hip-hop’s finest against a hard-hitting […]

Paul Rudd Is ‘Ant-Man’

After months of speculation, Marvel Studios has confirmed Paul Rudd as the star of Edgar Wright’s upcoming Ant-Man adaptation. Announced via the official Marvel blog over the last day, the decision to cast Rudd as the lead in this upcoming 2015 epic has been a long time coming. Both Marvel and Wright mentioned wanting Rudd […]