math rock (genre)

REVIEW: Tera Melos – ‘X’ed Out’

Artist: Tera Melos Album: X’ed Out Genre: Indie Pop, Math Rock Label: Sargent House I had this album for review two weeks before it came out. I listened to it probably close to twenty times in that first week of April, which was an emotionally negative time for me, and I really thought this was […]

UTG INTERVIEW: Tiny Moving Parts

Anybody who knows somebody in an independent touring band can attest that life on the road is tough to begin with, and once you realize the harsh reality that material objects diminish, things become more difficult. UTG originally had intentions of interviewing the truly unique and genre-transcending Tiny Moving Parts (one of our 5 Artists […]

Giraffes? Giraffes! And Goddard Doing A Split 10″

Math rock band Giraffes? Giraffes!, who you may best remember as the soundtrack to the Do It Together trailer, haven’t had a new release since 2011’s Pink Magik. Now, they’ll be doing a split with slightly-more-normal rock band Goddard. Goddard was the band to announce it, doing so through a casual “Happy New Year” Facebook post. […]

STREAM: This Town Needs Guns – “I’ll Take The Minute Snake”

In their own words, math rock band This Town Needs Guns are streaming a new song, “I’ll Take The Minute Snake” as a celebration for everyone surviving the non-apocalypse. The Sargent House band has a new album,, coming out on January 22. I look forward to it. In regards to line up changes and […]

The Bulletproof Tiger Hint At New Album

Canadian math rockers The Bulletproof Tiger have hinted that they have a new album coming up on their Facebook page. The post, done via cell phone, says nothing more than the following: “you guys wanna hear a new album soon? cause let me tell you something brother, its cumming. [sic]” We’ll share the details as […]