Jacob Tender’s ‘Best Of 2013′ In Music

‘Tis the season to make the most difficult choices I have to make all year. Seriously, my life is easy enough to make that statement true. I hate making these lists, more-so this year than any year previous. Yet I’m obligated to do so. So here I am. You see, in January, I told myself […]

Shone Added To Kevin Devine Show

Shone, the side project of Brand New drummer Brian Lane and Andrew Accardi of Robbers, has been added to an upcoming Kevin Devine show in New York at Webster Hall. Devine has toured with Brand New multiple times, and has worked with vocalist Jesse Lacey a number of times as well, including accompanying he and […]

Shone’s ‘Heatthing’ Vinyl Release Date Pushed Back

Shone have had to unfortunately announce via their Facebook page that the vinyl shipments for their debut album Heatthing have been pushed back to May 6 due to unnamed delays. Luckily this isn’t too far away so hopefully fans can hold out for just a little bit longer! If you have not heard the album […]

Brand New

Brand New To Put Out New Music This Summer, According To Fan On Twitter

Michael Rugenus is a freelance graphic designer from New Jersey. Last night, he attended the first live concert of mysterious supergroup Shone at Mercury Lounge in New York City. You know who else was in attendance? Jesse Lacey, the frontman of Brand New. Based on a few tweets from Rugenus, aka @Bigg_Tuna, over the course of […]

ALBUM STREAM: Shone – ‘Heat Thing’

If you haven’t had the chance to check out the music from this band yet then this is the time to take a listen. Shone are currently streaming their entire debut album Heat Thing. Check below the jump to stream the album. If you like what you hear you can pre-order the vinyl right here. […]

Mystery Project Shone Leads Fans On Scavenger Hunt, New Song Found

Earlier this month, several rock artists Tweeted links to, including Vinnie Caruana, Kevin Devine, and eventually John Nolan, Thrice, and Manchester Orchestra. The website has been updating videos at its page on a regular basis between midnight and one AM Eastern time, leading fans to speculate on what the page was actually for. The […]