Consider The Thief – Signs and Wonders

considerthethiefArtist: Consider The Thief
Album: Signs and Wonders
Label: Unsigned
Genre: Mellow Pop/Rock

Every now and then, a band comes out of nowhere in a genre you’re not always the biggest fan of and knocks you completely off your feet. As of late around the UTG office, that band has been Consider The Thief. Hailing from a genre only the likes of Copeland and the softer side of Thrice generally visit, Consider The Thief are about to make the underground go crazy with the release of their debut record, Signs and Wonders.

It’s hard to describe the sound of Consider The Thief, but I would compare it to the art that decorates their record. A beautiful landscape of space hanging in some universe all by itself just waiting to be noticed by outsiders. The first impression you get starting the record is that this is a very melancholy act with slow paced songs about various topics that uses a lot of atmospheric synth layers, but then, on tracks like “Joshua,” we’re given a rock track that rivals anything on Thrice’s much loved Vheissu.

The first track to really strike me as something special was “Son of Hell.” This traveling folk meets indie pop track is so beautifully crafted that you can’t help, but give CTT your complete attention. You hear their hearts pounding in each and every note both musically and vocally and still feel it long after the album has ended. As the record moves on however, we learn this isn’t a one trick pony as “Miracles of Sand,” “No More Samaritans, and “The Lost Son” are all sure to make you take a step back and reexamine what you consider well crafted rock and roll.

Generally, I would have at least a paragraph of “but…” type wording where I remove the curtain on this seemingly stunning act and reveal their Achilles’ heel, but I’m pleased to say there really isn’t one to be found. Sure, some of the songs seem to go on for a bit longer than would ever be necessary, but when creating a flowing piece of rock art, that’s a necessity.

If this album were the fourth or fifth record for a band, I would exclaim from the rooftops about how the act seemed to finally fully realize their capability as musicians, but this is Consider The Thief’s first real album! That, for anyone, is an amazing accomplishment. Signs and Wonders is the kind of record that can change a person. It’s emotional, epic, and deep while maintaining a subtle elegance that let’s you know these guys are down to Earth. It’s simply beautiful.

Score: 9.5/10

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    Right on, brother.