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‘Need For Speed’ Fails To Catch Up To The Success Of ‘Peabody’

After Mr. Peabody & Sherman had debuted last weekend and ranking in second to last week’s top highest grossing film, which was 300: Rise of an Empire,  the animated Dreamworks film has now surprisingly climbed the charts with an estimated $21.2 million made in sales. Suffice it to say, Need for Speed did not meet expectations […]

UTG Interview: Aaron Paul Talks ‘Need For Speed’

This weekend, Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul takes his first foray into the world of action movies with the lead role in the highly-anticipated (and ridiculously freaking cool) Need For Speed cinematic adaptation. It’s the first big screen version of the long-running racing video game series, and back in February I had the good fortune […]

Extended ‘Need For Speed’ Preview Proves Aaron Paul Cannot Be Stopped

With Fast & Furious 7 moving to 2015 the cinema landscape is waiting to embrace Need For Speed with open arms. It’s the first major vehicle (pun slightly intended) for Aaron Paul since the end of the AMC series Breaking Bad, and its March 14 release date is coming up fast. A short trailer ran […]

5 Movie Trailers That Will Air During Super Bowl XLVIII

Regardless of personal preference, few will deny that, to many, the Super Bowl is practically a federal holiday. According to the NFL, the annual event has a potential worldwide audience of roughly one billion people across 200 different countries, and at any given time, boasts between 80-90 million American viewers. Likewise, it isn’t shocking that […]

Explosive New ‘Need For Speed’ Trailer Reveals Plot

As much as I love Aaron Paul, the first trailer for 2014’s Need For Speed left me fearing for the future of Jesse Pinkman’s career. The tacky monologue felt too heavy-handed for a movie based on a video game series, and while the chase scenes looked great, the clips shown were far too short to […]

Aaron Paul Wages Vehicular War In First ‘Need For Speed’ Trailer

Move over, Dominic Toretto. There’s a new character headed to the silver screen in 2014 with hopes of launching a franchise, and this afternoon we get our first look at the trailer. The world has been curious about the forthcoming adaptation of the best-selling video game series Need For Speed since Breaking Bad star Aaron […]

First High Quality On Set Footage From ‘Need For Speed’ Surfaces Online

It may be hard to remember given the vast amount of seemingly ridiculous film titles that have been greenlit in recent months, but next year Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul will lead the film adaptation of Need For Speed. The first high quality set footage has surfaced online, and though we’re still a year away […]

Kid Cudi and Aaron Paul To Star In Need For Speed Film

The Cleveland hip-hop act and Breaking Bad star will be teaming up in the film adaption of the multimillion-dollar video game franchise, the Need For Speed series. Paul will be taking on the role of a street racer who tackles on a cross-country NYC to LA race in a plot of vengeance after he is […]

HOLY SH!T: Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul To Star In “Need For Speed” Adaptation

Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston has a lengthy filmography behind him, and it now seems his co-star is working hard to catch up. Aaron Paul, known by fans of the show for his portrayal of Jesse Pinkman, has been cast as the lead in Scott Waugh‘s adaptation of the EA Sports video game series Need […]