complete confection

STREAM: Katy Perry – Dressin Up

A day ahead of The Complete Confection, another new Katy Perry song has surfaced. “Dressin Up” aims straight for the heart of the dance floor with a beat that’s hard to resist and lyrics that creatively come in a far second. In terms of Complete Confection material, this may be her best. Decide for yourself, […]

MUSIC VIDEO: Katy Perry – Part Of Me

The girl I love to hate is back with her new music video for “Part Of Me.” Having seemingly run out of every gimmick imaginable, Perry uses her latest clip to throw slow pitch down the middle of Americans’ hearts with a tale of romance and military in “Part Of Me.” Perry plays a girl […]

STREAM: Katy Perry – Wide Awake

A ballad from Katy Perry’s upcoming reissue of Teenage Dream has made its way online and, believe it or not, it’s pretty okay. “Wide Awake” is making its way across the blogosphere as the most popular leak no one will refer to as a leak (hint: “first listen” generally means the same thing) today following […]

CLIP STREAM: Katy Perry – Part Of Me

Katy Perry is gearing up a reissue of Teenage Dream, but not before she releases one of the record’s three new tracks. Dropping on February 21, “Part Of Me” is Perry’s latest attempt at grabbing the club-going, single-buying market of twenty-something pop music connoisseurs. The beat hits hard and the hook hints at tales of […]