STREAM: Katy Perry – Dressin Up

A day ahead of The Complete Confection, another new Katy Perry song has surfaced.

“Dressin Up” aims straight for the heart of the dance floor with a beat that’s hard to resist and lyrics that creatively come in a far second. In terms of Complete Confection material, this may be her best. Decide for yourself, after the jump.

We love to hate Katy around here, but she has her moments and “Dressin Up” is on of them. Do you agree? Comment below and let UTG know what you think of Perry’s latest!

Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection is available this week now. Click here to order your copy.


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One Response to “STREAM: Katy Perry – Dressin Up”

  1. susan says:

    in fact i like ‘wide awake’ more, so what is your point here?