CLIP STREAM: Katy Perry – Part Of Me

Katy Perry is gearing up a reissue of Teenage Dream, but not before she releases one of the record’s three new tracks.

Dropping on February 21, “Part Of Me” is Perry’s latest attempt at grabbing the club-going, single-buying market of twenty-something pop music connoisseurs. The beat hits hard and the hook hints at tales of mistrust and/or heartache, so it is probably safe to assume Ms. Perry may have another hit on her hands. You can stream a clip of “Part Of Me” after the jump.

NO MATTER HOW CATCHY THE FOLLOWING CLIP IS YOU MUST REMEMBER that Perry will become the world record holder for most #1 singles on a single album if this goes to the top. That’s right, even though it is technically another record, the fact it’s billed as a “deluxe edition” means all sales count toward the original release. We’re not saying do not support Perry if you love her, but please keep in mind that the history of pop music is at stake. Do you really want her name etched into history books alongside the time you walked this planet? Do you want future generations to think of us four-on-the-floor loving idiots obsessed with light-hearted lesbianism and California girls?

Just something to think about…

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One Response to “CLIP STREAM: Katy Perry – Part Of Me”

  1. Bellisima says:

    I think this writer just shows what lack of knowledge writers on this website have of the music industry.  This song WILL NOT count towards 6 number ones on the same album.  It is treated as it’s own album, so there is no way she can win a 6 number one singles in a row.
    The lack of knowledge “James” has of the way all these metrics are calculated just shows how pathetic his petty vendetta against a mediocre artist is.  Sure let’s all act like we are such pop music purists and can’t stand to have bubblegum pop do what pop has been engineered to do since it’s birth.  You’re so “cool” now.

    If you are trying to distinguish yourself from mainstream pop listeners, why not just refuse to acknowledge mainstream pop acts all together?  There is no point in trying to brand yourself in an image by attacking other people’s music.  If it’s not suited for this site then don’t even write about it and give us something more interesting to sink our teeth into.