UTG PHOTOS: Zedd at Madison Square Garden (10/02/15)

I’d be lying to you if I said that doing photography at Madison Square Garden wasn’t a dream. It’s one of the bucket list items I put in the slightly frayed notebook I have with the page half ripped and discolored. Zedd has come a long way since his start in a German deathcore band. […]

Madeon And Passion Pit Share New Music Video For “Pay No Mind”

French music producer Madeon, whom you might have heard of through his “Pop Culture” mix from 2011 that garnered almost 30 million views, has just released an artistically-crafted, new music video for his new single “Pay No Mind,” which features Passion Pit. The music video features a couple who ventures into the city on a […]

LISTEN: Madeon – “Technicolor”

Madeon, the French dance music prodigy who has taken the world by storm in recent years with an array of unforgettable milestones such as his “Pop Culture” mashup and performing at Coachella while only 18 years old, has finally graced listeners with the full version of his newest song. Entitled “Technicolor,” the cut provides over […]


Producer Madeon To Be The First Dance Music Artist To Play… The New York Stock Exchange?

Here’s a head-scratcher to stew in your brainpan for the weekend. DJ/producer Madeon has experienced more success at the age of 18 (maybe 19? But he looks way younger?!) than most artists have over the course of their whole lives. He’s gone viral. He’s toured with Lady Gaga. He’s a titan, a young god, in his chosen […]