Madeon And Passion Pit Share New Music Video For “Pay No Mind”

French music producer Madeon, whom you might have heard of through his “Pop Culture” mix from 2011 that garnered almost 30 million views, has just released an artistically-crafted, new music video for his new single “Pay No Mind,” which features Passion Pit.

The music video features a couple who ventures into the city on a summer day. The couple finds themselves on rooftops and alleyways wandering into walls that resemble elegant, geographical patterns that are similar to those of kaleidoscopes. They eventually plot their way into a similar path that leads to a utopian realm.

You can check out the vivid new music video for “Pay No Mind” below.

“Pay No More” is taken from Madeon’s upcoming album called Adventure, which will be released on March 31 via Columbia. Similarly, Passion Pit will also be putting out a new album entitled Kindred in April.

Dana Reandelar
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7 Responses to “Madeon And Passion Pit Share New Music Video For “Pay No Mind””

  1. andrewin3d says:

    I don’t know if I’m more excited for the new Madeon record or the new Passion Pit one…. Kindred comes out 4/21 and it features “Where The Sky Hangs” so check it ouuuuut!

  2. Michael Mirabella says:

    Loving this video, as well as Madeon’s other new video for “You’re On”. Well worth a watch, check it out here!

  3. Can’t wait for March 31 for the full album to drop :)

  4. Netan Rosenthal says:

    This album is gunna be willllllddd. Can’t wait to hear more!

  5. Rebecca Kreps says:

    So excited for his debut album! Loving You’re On right now :)

  6. Brenda says:

    I cannot wait for this album to come out and I am going to be stalking their site for updates till the day it comes out. (

  7. Love Pay No Mind — combines two of my favorite current artists in one song. Can’t wait for Kindred to drop on 4.21 to see what else is great off the album!