UTG PHOTOS: Zedd at Madison Square Garden (10/02/15)

I’d be lying to you if I said that doing photography at Madison Square Garden wasn’t a dream. It’s one of the bucket list items I put in the slightly frayed notebook I have with the page half ripped and discolored.

Zedd has come a long way since his start in a German deathcore band. That seems like many lifetimes ago, and many electronic anthems later, he brought this True Colors tour to New York City. I’ve been out of the electronic loop for a minute, but the music itself has progressively evolved and seeped into other genres. Take a look at pop and hip-hop; there’s a marriage between the two that can have some mixed results depending on who you ask.

With my black hoodie in tow, I stepped up to the front pit to get ready for the night ahead. It was my first time seeing English electronic duo AlunaGeorge, although who can forget the collaborations they’ve had with both Disclosure and DJ Snake? They played their collaborations with their own electronic twist, which can be equated to a jam session. Specifically, their version of their song with Jack U, “To U,” had a dope twist at the end and I enjoyed their set.

Next up was Madeon, who is one of the most talented DJ/producers out there right now. Playing songs off his recently released album, Adventure, Madeon kept the crowd’s attention with his pulsating symbol and mix of electro and French house music. Madeon uses a MIDI controller to interchange songs during his sets and I was always impressed by this approach. He kept the crowd lively and energetic, warming up for Zedd. If you haven’t seen Madeon yet, I suggest you do that.

To say Zedd’s stage setup was impressive is a gross understatement. Keeping true to the “True Colors” theme, his set opened up with a splatter of every color with his trademark “Z” emblazoned in the middle. “Beautiful Now” rang through the speakers as many of the fans either sang or danced with hands held high. There were little idioms throughout the performance that made the night unique to this show. Perhaps it was the 8-bit Zelda graphics when Zedd played his version of the Legend Of Zelda theme or how the three-screen-wide backdrop turned into a huge space station appeasing to visual senses. It’s true that most of these electronic shows may melt into the same category, but the True Colors tour was unique enough to get this old dog out of the house, dusting off his Chuck Taylors, and having a good time on a Friday night.





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