Lil Wayne Addresses “Dedication 4” Delay, Confirms Labor Day Release

Lil Wayne has again turned to BreadOverBed to address the recent (continued) delay of his Dedication 4 mixtape. The video announcement, which can be found below (or here), finds Weezy telling fans his work is “done” and that everything that follows from this point is on producer DJ Drama.

“Remember how I used to do mixtapes and drop online? Just free, drop em online and songs be sporadically everywhere. Then a week later, some DJ gets the songs and he throws his DJ shout outs on there? But officially Drama would put it out, or whatever DJ it would be at the time… But for Dedication 4, you already know its Drama. Shout out to Drama, my nigga”.

Weezy continues, explaining the his Manager is responsible for the most recent decision to delay:

“What happened is, I finished, but [my manager and best friend] Cortez [Bryant] said he didn’t want me to do it like that this time,” Wayne continued. “He was like he wanted Drama to properly set it up…. My job is done. just letting y’all know.”

The video ends with Wayne claiming he has copies ready for anyone that stops by his crib, but we wouldn’t advise attempting such a feat.

Dedication 4 SHOULD be available on LiveMixtapes beginning September 3.

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