Explosive New ‘Need For Speed’ Trailer Reveals Plot

As much as I love Aaron Paul, the first trailer for 2014’s Need For Speed left me fearing for the future of Jesse Pinkman’s career. The tacky monologue felt too heavy-handed for a movie based on a video game series, and while the chase scenes looked great, the clips shown were far too short to grasp the true intensity of the film. The latest trailer fixes these mistakes with a more traditional approach, and the results are far more satisfying than originally thought.

Arriving in theaters next March, Need For Speed will have a two-month head start on Fast & Furious 7 for claiming your car-loving box office dollars. The new trailer tells us that Paul’s character is being released from prison after he was busted while trying to save a fellow driver years before. He’s survived his time away by plotting his revenge against the man who was willing to let that same driver die, and once that point is made known, the trailer delivers a bouquet of cars and explosions that will make any action fan more than a bit excited. Police chases? Check. Jumps? You bet your ass. Fire? You freaking know it.

You can view the latest trailer for Need For Speed below. It still looks like it could be a bit too cheesy for its own good as far as dialogue is concerned, but I’ll be damned if the cinematography isn’t top notch. Comment below and let us know your thoughts.

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