You Know You Want To Hear Jared Leto Sing Zedd’s “Stay The Night”

The internet is a wonderful place where cover songs emerge that no one ever thought would be created, let alone see the light of day. Today, that cover song arrives in the form of Thirty Seconds To Mars’ frontman Jared Leto performing a piano-led rendition of Zedd’s chart-topping hit, “Stay The Night.”

Yes, you read that above paragraph right. Jared Leto recently contributed vocals to a stripped down rendition of “Stay The Night” and the audio from that event has been the talk of the music blogging world all afternoon. You can say what you will about how pompous or egotistical 30STM can appear, and for the most part I would probably agree, but here it’s undeniable that Leto possesses a rare vocal gift. You can stream the cover below:

As far as we know, the internet has yet to take Leto’s vocals from this recording and add them into the original version of “Stay The Night” alongside Paramore vocalist Hayley Williams, but then again this clip has only been available for a few hours. Give the anonymous wizards of the world a few days and I am confident we will see this recording manipulated in one or more ways.

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One Response to “You Know You Want To Hear Jared Leto Sing Zedd’s “Stay The Night””

  1. ↑Crystal☦ says:

    This was an EXCLUSIVE, PAID EVENT of a MARS SUMMER SESSION, available only to those who purchased tickets to watch and/or listen on the platform. In order for the public to view or listen to this, it must be purchased through the VyRT website (Live concerts, chat and other exclusive events on a platform owned and built by Jared Leto and Thirty Seconds To Mars) Any other files you find posted that are exclusive to VYRT.COM will be removed due to copyright infringement.
    Please update your original post so others can hear the song, or watch it being performed WITH ZEDD on the piano, himself! :-)