Detroit Lions Fans Protest Nickelback Appearance

Football has never played a major role in UTG, but even we can appreciate the rare good season that the Detroit Lions are currently experiencing. The season is going so well in fact, the team has landed a televised game against the Green Bay Packers on Thanksgiving weekend, which is exactly where our story begins.

Being on television around the holidays means you can’t simply have a average football game, you need to have an event. Celebrity sightings, product placement, and most importantly, a huge halftime show. Someone associated with the Lions thought Nickelback should be the band to keep fans going during halftime this Thanksgiving and well, they were wrong.

Fans of the Lions have started a petition calling for the cancellation of the terrible Canadian rock band’s appearance. Those interested in supporting the cause can click here and add their name to the list. We’ve encouraged our entire staff to do so and would like to see some of our readers do the same. The fight against throwaway rock moves forward today, but only with your help!

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