Neck Deep Respond To Allegations Of Sexual Misconduct

Another week, another young band accused of inappropriate conversations with minors.

Coming off a week that saw them taking the Billboard album charts by storm, UK pop punk band Neck Deep are in hot water after one fan came forward with allegations she engaged in a sexually explicit conversation with member Lloyd Roberts when she was just 15. The rumors began to surface early Saturday morning, August 22, and by Sunday afternoon the band had announced the departure of Lloyd Roberts from their band.

In further response to the claims, Neck Deep have issued a statement through their official Facebook page. The message details the thinking behind Roberts removal, as well as the band’s plans to still make every show they have scheduled. You can read the message below:

“Yesterday, there were some allegations aimed towards our band. We feel that these situations should always be approached with the utmost regard for all parties, so we thank you for your patience whilst we have dealt with this matter internally.

Whilst the full facts of the matter at hand are still unclear, our guitarist Lloyd Roberts has decided to step down from Neck Deep to focus on his family, as he does not feel comfortable having his reputation, or that of the band sullied further by these accusations.

We sincerely apologise to anyone who has been caused distress or been affected by any of these events. As a band, we absolutely treasure our fans, we would not be anywhere without them, and we would never want them to feel disrespected or taken advantage of.

We would, however, like to ask you all to help be part of the solution, to not take part in posting rumours and gossip on the Internet in the absence of clear facts. We also ask that you please refrain from attacking the people making these statements via social media – we do not want anyone to feel victimised in any way.

Further, we cannot emphasise enough that serious allegations of this kind should ALWAYS be brought to the attention of the relevant authorities, and we urge anyone genuinely affected to use those official channels.

All shows will go ahead as planned, and we thank you all for your continued support and belief in Neck Deep.”

A representative for the band’s label, Hopeless Records, did not immediately return our request for comment.

It’s worth mentioning that additional allegations of misconduct have been made against other members of Neck Deep since the initial rumors regarding Roberts’ behavior began circulating online. The band has yet to respond to those comments, but when they do we will let you know.

Neck Deep’s new album, Life’s Not Out To Get You, is available now wherever music is sold.

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