Comedian Doug Benson Titles New Album

Every year comedian Doug Benson records a new one-hour special on April 20, and 2013 was no different. Performing at Cobb’s in San Francisco, Benson recorded a series of sets with opener Graham Elwood to later be cut and trimmed down into one fantastic comedy special. 2011 gave us Potty Mouth, 2012 showcased Benson’s Smug Life, and in a few months 2013 will be the year he offers everyone their first taste of Gateway Doug. No release date for the album has been set as of yet, but if he sticks to his usual routine a late Summer/early Fall date is likely.

Want more Doug Benson sooner? Benson’s recent documentary, The Greatest Movie Ever Rolled, can be purchased for less than $10 on Chill. Also, his website has a plethora of free podcast content, as well as a complete list of his upcoming appearances.

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